Garland Love!

Recently I updated my beauty corner! After exchanging my Ikea KALLAX for the new NORDLI dresser the space already looked cleaner and more streamlined. I added a new plant and pink pot (from Butlers) as well as a grey felt basket (Ikea PUDDA) for my make up. Now, the space felt almost done, but not quite. I wasn’t loving the garland that had been hanging above the mirror for quite a while now. It was just something I put up as I felt the space needed a little bit of decor. So I started looking around for possible alternatives and found quite a few ones on Etsy. Especially the pom pom garlands seemed to be very popular. Then I discovered a colour combination that immediately spoke to me — slightly muted, yet happy colours. This colour palette was exactly what I wanted for that whole room (our bedroom). By now I have figured out that this fits with my overall style concept which I call ‘modern coastal’. It’s basically inspired by the sea, the beach, sunshine and slow summer days. I measured what length I would like (because it shouldn’t be too short or long compared to the mirror and should look symmetrical overall, I decided on 1 m) and placed a custom order with Brady and Blue on Etsy. The shop owner Louise is super nice and provides great customer service by the way!

After only a couple of days I stood garland in hand, ready to change things up. I wasn’t sure how a pom pom garland would look above the mirror as there is so much open space above the dresser. But seeing the final result, I was absolutely convinced I made the right choice. To me, it’s the exact middle ground between something fun and colourful, yet simple and unobtrusive. And it encapsulates that beach vibe I’m going for. Who knew a simple change of garlands would make me so happy? :)