On my Reading List for 2019

Reading Challenge

Reading Challenge 2019

This year, I wanted to do my own Reading Challenge, inspired by the books that are already on my list, books I recently discovered while browsing online and topics and genres I want to explore. I deliberately kept the list rather short because I find many of the Reading Challenges out there are quite overwhelming and not everyone has time for reading more than one book a month (or a book a month). So here is what I chose for now:

  1. something fast-paced and action-packed (my pick: Monster of Men by Patrick Ness)

  2. an autobiography (my pick: Becoming by Michelle Obama)

  3. exploring my new favourite genre (my pick for time travel crime: Tomorrow and Tomorrow by Tom Sweterlitsch)

  4. what someone I admire is currently reading (my pick: The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead)

  5. non-fiction everyone talks about (my pick: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari)

  6. a story I enjoyed through its movie or tv adaptation (my pick: Babylon Berlin by Volker Kutscher)

  7. a random interest I’ve had for years but never pursued (my pick: something on Native Americans, I don’t have a specific book in mind yet)

As seven is the most magical number (shout out to the Binge Mode Podcast), I’ll leave it at that. For me, having a short-ish list of books I’m interested in and want to focus on in the coming months helps me keep my reading on track. Otherwise, I don’t really make time for reading and forget about all the interesting stuff that’s out there. While I like watching shows, I think reading has a special quality to it that’s just satisfying in another way.

Having the guideline of a Reading Challenge leads me to explore a greater variety of topics and genres. I need that little nudge to get there. So I will plough through my picks, probably spontaneously adding a book or graphic novel (Paper Girls Volume 5!) in between. What about you, do you like Reading Challenges? What are your picks for this year? Can you recommend a book (fiction or non-fiction) about Native Americans?